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Should Agents be Stripped of Their License for Not Disclosing Info?

A recent case in Toronto has brought up the debate of what should happen to a real estate agent if they knowingly withhold information about a home they’re trying to sell. The question is now, is the “slap on the … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible for the Home Inspection Report?

A recent Ontario court case has brought up a very real question faced by real estate agents, investors, buyers and sellers all the time; yet isn’t talked about all that much. The home inspector’s report. Something that’s essential to obtain … Continue reading

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What is Market Value, and how does it Affect Investors?

The term “market value” gets thrown around a lot in real estate, especially when you’re investing in it. And while the term is an important one, it’s also one that often gets confused with other important terms such as “listing … Continue reading

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