Just three years ago, Markham was a fairly small town that was located just
outside of Toronto. Still with the close proximity to the big city, today Markham
is a booming city in its own right, largely because of the technology sector that’s
located here, and that has brought some of the biggest names in technology, as
well as many investors and businesses, to this area. As for families and those
looking to buy a home – it’s the affordable housing that draws them in.

During the years 2006 to 2011 Markham’s population grew by about 15.3 per
cent. Today it sits at about 301,709 residents. Most individuals choose to settle in
Markham because even with the growth it’s seen in the past few years, Markham
still very much feels like a small town. Of course, with technological giants such as
Apple, IBM, Lucent, Motorola, Toshiba, and Sun Microsystems located here, many
residents also work within one of these businesses.

But as for where those residents live, townhouses and semi-detached houses
continue to be the most popular and the most affordable with prices of $382,845
and $650,000, respectively.

While average home prices in Markham can range anywhere from $380,000 to
$700,000, the average Markham mortgage is worth $375,000. That makes for
an average monthly payment of $1,575 and means that buyers should have a
minimum salary of at least $65,000.

In addition to attracting businesses and residents, the city also sees a number of
investors every year. So many in fact, the vacancy rate in 2012 stood at 0.3 per
cent, with rents averaging about $1,027.

Choosing to live in any area of Markham is an excellent choice. But what’s the
community that is the most popular of them all? That’s Cornell!

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