The Aftermath of the Ice Storm, and Your Insurance Policy

For weeks now areas of Quebec, southern Ontario, and largely, Toronto and the GTA have been first dealing with the horrific ice storm, and then the aftermath that went along with it. Power outages lasting over a week, gift cards … Continue reading

Who do We Think Really Runs Toronto?

Recently Toronto Life ran a fascinating article on Toronto’s 50 Most Influential People (we suggest you peruse it here.) After reading it, we highly agreed with everyone in their Top Ten, but we’ve broken it down a little further to … Continue reading

Cuts to Land Transfer Tax Come Up Again at City Hall

Rob Ford has been making headlines for the past month. But even though the Mayor may be that in name only now, he’s still trying to make moves down at City Hall. This time, it’s namely through the promise he … Continue reading

Ford Stripped of Mayoral Powers, and Property Taxes Go Up

This week saw much more happening in the Rob Ford scandal, mainly the fact that he was stripped of many of his powers that came with being mayor. The biggest power that he’s had taken away from him is the … Continue reading

Should Ontario Step in to Remove Ford from Office?

Unless you’ve been away on vacation this past week (and by “away,” we mean deep in the hills or valleys somewhere in the furthest depths of the world, completely cut off from all civilization and communication,) you’ve heard about the … Continue reading

The Best Times to Buy a Home

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the best times to sell your home. But what if you’re on the other side of the real estate fence? What if you’re thinking about buying a home rather than selling one? … Continue reading

The Best Times to Sell Your Home

Here at Canadian Real Estate Inc., we’re big on giving you great tips on how to sell your home – including charging an entry fee at open houses! But when you need a sure-fire boost that is going to work, … Continue reading

Is Toronto a Sellers’ Market? Depends on Where You’re Looking

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Toronto’s sellers’ market. But if you’re looking for a new home in the city, or you’re trying to sell your home in the city, is it really? It really depends on where … Continue reading

With Higher Revenues, should Toronto’s Land Transfer Tax be Kept?

The city has just released new stats showing that Toronto’s land transfer tax is bringing in big revenues! But is it enough to keep the tax where it currently sits? This year, the tax is expected to bring in $346 … Continue reading

Should there be a Law to Prevent Hoarding in Toronto?

Hoarding, the act of filling your home with so much junk that the space becomes unusable, has become so widely known about due to shows such as A&E’s Hoarders. But what about when one of those stories jumps off the … Continue reading