It’s a Strategy, but is it a Good One?

When homeowners want to sell their home, and want to sell it fast, they’ll take to some pretty creative strategies to help them do it. But one of those strategies, one that’s become extremely popular in the last year or … Continue reading

Would You Pay Half a Million for a Quarter of a Home?

There’s little that we love more than an interesting real estate story, and one’s come up in Toronto that’s raised a very interesting question: should you pay for only a portion of a home? The home that currently has this … Continue reading

Do Backyard Burials Detract from Property Value?

What if you purchased a home and after doing a bit of landscaping, found out that the previous owners had buried their family pet in the backyard? Unsettling, yes. But a reason to move, or even wonder if your property … Continue reading

Arguments for the Land Transfer Tax

It’s been no secret that Mayor Rob Ford has been trying to eliminate Toronto’s land transfer tax since he took office. It was one of the promises he got voted in on, and a battle that he faces almost weekly … Continue reading

Mayor Rob Ford Asks TREB for Help

When Mayor Rob Ford was elected to lead the City of Toronto in 2010, he promised that he would do what he could to get rid of the land transfer tax that was costing Toronto homeowners thousands of dollars every … Continue reading

Who’s Right in this Toronto Real Estate Dilemma?

A recent real estate drama sitting on Ardmore Avenue has brought to light a different kind of real estate remorse – seller’s remorse. It’s a case that has now been brought before the courts, and the only question that remains … Continue reading

Is Ford’s Office Falling Apart?

We’d be remiss if we went any further on into the month and did not mention the Rob Ford scandal that is shaking Toronto to its very core. And whether you’re one of Ford’s harshest critics or biggest supporters, the … Continue reading

Re-introducing You to the Smallest House in Toronto

If you live in the city of Toronto, especially if you’ve lived here for some time, you probably already know about the little home at 128 Day Avenue – and we do mean little. This home has been standing since … Continue reading

How Much You’ll Pay in Toronto, Before You even get Your Mortgage

There’s one cost that home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, are most concerned about when they’re out looking at homes: the price. The price of the home determines the amount of their mortgage, and that’s what they base their decision … Continue reading

May Showers Rain on Toronto’s Real Estate Parade

It’s crazy what can happen in just a couple of weeks, especially when you’re talking about the Toronto housing market. After months of drops and declines, April actually saw a small increase in sales, giving real estate agents, sellers, and … Continue reading