Competition Bureau Appealing Ruling in TREB Case

Just when you thought it was over, the war between the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Competition Bureau rages on. The Competition Bureau recently took TREB to court, accusing them of anti-competitive practices as they wouldn’t release certain … Continue reading

Would You Sell Your Home Online?

Going the way of trying to sell your home on your own has always carried with it certain risk and lots of uncertainties. But with the increasing popularity of customers wanting to buy everything online, that trend has now spread … Continue reading

Sellers Finding Even More Ways to give Their Homes a Boost

First we heard about Toronto real estate agents submitting offers super early, in order to use a bit of reverse psychology on sellers. Now, they’ve come up with yet another innovative idea, but this time it’s not to help in … Continue reading

Why Toronto Condos will See their Day in the Sun Again

Everyone’s heard about the gloom and doom surrounding Toronto’s condo market. There are too many units on the market, they’re all “cookie cutter” in a market where buyers want custom, and they’re simply a quick formula for failure. But, not … Continue reading

Another Element Holding up Toronto Sales: Weather

It sure is a far cry from last year. In April 2012, Toronto was experiencing a spring that could only be called summer. The last round of tighter mortgage rules hadn’t yet been implemented, and there was no fear that … Continue reading

New Legislation Proposed to Protect Consumers in Real Estate Transactions

There’s a proposal on the table right now that will affect sellers and real estate agents alike; and if it’s passed, it will increase protection for sellers that are trying to sell their home. The new legislation proposes many changes … Continue reading

More Controversy Surrounding Toronto Casino

Can Toronto’s city council approve a project while at the same time putting conditions on it? That’s the question that’s being asked by one real estate firm after the executive committee reviewed plans for the casino last week, and then … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Attending an Open House

We’ve talked before on this blog about preparing to host an open house when you’re trying to sell your home. But how do you prepare when you’re about to attend an open house, interested in buying it? Yes, there are … Continue reading

TREB is Off the Hook for MLS Case

It’s been nearly a year that the Toronto Real Estate Board has been trying to clear its name with a former commissioner of the Competition Bureau. On Monday of this week, it was announced that TREB was off the hook … Continue reading

The Additional Costs of Buying a Home, and how to Get Around some of Them

Anyone looking for a home in today’s Toronto market knows just how expensive it can be. With the average price on single detached homes sitting at around $500,000, and with the price of those once “cheap” condos escalating in many … Continue reading