Where are the Hot Spots in Toronto’s Market?

It might be getting harder to buy a home in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean that Toronto buyers should satisfy themselves with taking just anything that comes along. You probably still want the best neighbourhood, and you can still get … Continue reading

Is Toronto Ready for “Canada’s Tallest Condo’?

While everyone’s wondering if Toronto is ready for any more condos, along comes a developer that insists the city is ready for not just any condo, but Canada’s tallest condo. The developer, Pinnacle International, has come from another one of … Continue reading

It’s the Same Trend in Toronto – Slower Sales, Higher Prices

This will come as no welcome news to home buyers in the GTA – while sales continue their downward slope, prices are still climbing ever higher. This, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board and the stats they unveiled today. … Continue reading

Why Playing the Waiting Game in Today’s Market isn’t so Terrible After All

Frustrating has been the only way to describe the Toronto market in recent months. Before July of last year, you could bet a pretty penny that if you were going to be placing an offer on a property of any … Continue reading

Are You Upset about the New Area Codes?

Those who have lived, worked, and played in Toronto most or all of their lives like things, well, shall we just say – a certain way? They are extremely proud of being a Torontonian, as they should be, and prefer … Continue reading

Should Land Transfer Tax be “Scrapped, not Capped?”

Yesterday City of Toronto’s Executive Committee met to start determining whether or not they should cap the amount of land transfer tax Toronto homeowners are required to pay. There’s no doubt that this tax comes with its fair share of … Continue reading

Should Torontonians Pay for the Transit Expansion?

This week the Toronto Region Board of Trade stirred the pot by suggesting that Torontonians start paying taxes to pay for the $50 billion regional transit expansion. While the proposed solution would save the City some very valuable dollars, it … Continue reading

The National Home Show Starts Today!

Each year ReMax brings you the National Home Show – a show where you can go and get advice for just about anything when it comes to your home. Whether you’re ripping up tile or putting in a new garden … Continue reading

Toronto February Sales Slow Again, most Notably due to Luxury Homes

Home sales have been cooling in Toronto for months, and that held true for last month when saw another dramatic drop. And while tighter mortgage rules that place shorter amortization periods on certain typse of mortgages have been blamed for … Continue reading

Waiting for the Hot Spring Market? Don’t Hold Your Breath

The Toronto real estate market is a challenging one to hang around in too long. Typically right about now, we’d be heading into the fast-paced busy spring market, which begins in February. But last month Toronto’s sales numbers were down … Continue reading