The National Home Show Starts Today!

Each year ReMax brings you the National Home Show – a show where you can go and get advice for just about anything when it comes to your home. Whether you’re ripping up tile or putting in a new garden this spring, The National Home Show will be able to give you invaluable advice, perhaps some nice prizes, and more information that you could ever need. And, it all starts today!

For the second year in a row, ReMax has partnered with the Canada Blooms show at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place, so one ticket will get you into both shows! The National Home Show has been produced by Marketplace Events, in coordination with ReMax, and this year BILD is partnering with the show that brought in 200,000 people last year over the course of just one weekend.

So just how much expert advice can you expect at the Show? With over 700 exhibitors and displays, we’re guessing a lot; and with over 50,000 square feet of gorgeous gardens, you’re also likely to get some pretty good ideas for your own.

Because BILD is one of the partners this year, you can expect huge things from their booth – and it starts with the “Destination Renovation” sign you’ll see hanging above the booth if you turn your eyes up. Once you arrive at the booth you’ll get expert renovation advice from the qualified professionals at RenoMark, and of course it’s all entirely free! Bring any drawings or plans you have, and these experts will even go over them with you, suggesting improvements, and ways that you can ensure you’ll walk away loving your reno once it’s done. Also available at BILD’s booth will be a complete reno guide that homeowners can take home with them, as well as contact lists of RenoMark renovators who can get any job done for you.

Of course, if you go for no other reason, even if you’re not a homeowner you should go to see some of the local celebrities that will be there. Filled with HGTV hosts (although just who will appear is being kept secret right now,) other TV personalities, and BILD members Glen Peloso and Ramsin Khachi will all be there.

The National Home Show kicks off today and runs until March 24 at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place. Don’t miss it! Check out for a listing of who will appear when, as well as to buy tickets.