Sellers Finding Even More Ways to give Their Homes a Boost

First we heard about Toronto real estate agents submitting offers super early, in order to use a bit of reverse psychology on sellers. Now, they’ve come up with yet another innovative idea, but this time it’s not to help in buying a home, but to help in selling one. And, it benefits a great cause that everyone can on board with too!

The home in question is a sprawling 7-bedroom, five-bath home that sits on an acre of land at 1 Fallingbrook Road. It has a double story guest house, included with it its own wraparound porch. Located closely to the beach, a charming old set of stairs takes you down to the beach area. And it’s listed for a cool five mil.

Sound beautiful? Does it stir up enough interest in you that you want to go take a look – even if you’re not on the market right now? You can if you want, but it’s going to cost you fifty bucks.

The ploy is being used to attract only buyers that are serious about the home, and not those that just want to gawk at a mansion located right here in the city.

“This is somebody’s home. We can’t have people coming through it just to be curious. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about people that are in the market and people who want to see the house because they’re interested in buying it,” said Dagmara Lulek, one of the two real estate agents selling the home.

Lulek was also one of the real estate agents to come up with the idea, along with Vito Doria, the other agent on the listing. When the seller wanted to come up with a creative way to market their home, they ask their agents to come up with something to make their home stand out, and to ensure that it will sell. And the viewing fee was the ticket.

The concept has drawn criticism from some, saying that it’s a money grab, and unfair to buyers on the market that are only looking for a home to call their own. Others though, have called it “brilliant for minimizing disruption.” Lulek says that the fee has not deterred interest in the home.

Perhaps that’s because the fee isn’t really a fee at all, but rather a donation that’s given to SickKids Foundation.

The Real Estate Council of Ontario has reviewed the donation viewing fee, after protests from some other real estate agents in the city. They have deemed that until the donation portion of the requirement proves to be misleading or false in any way, the Realtors and the sellers can continue on with the marketing ploy.