Re-introducing You to the Smallest House in Toronto

If you live in the city of Toronto, especially if you’ve lived here for some time, you probably already know about the little home at 128 Day Avenue – and we do mean little. This home has been standing since 1912, and it’s got one of the biggest histories among Toronto properties.

The home sits on just 29 square metres of land, which was originally a small parcel that was designated for lane way access. Curb stones were put in originally though, and they had to be lowered in order to allow vehicles through. It was never done, and the land seemed to be forgotten over time. That was until Arthur Weeden, a contractor in the city at the time, heard about it and hurried to scoop up the itty bitty piece of property. On that piece of land, he built this tiny home for he and his wife.

Wedged in between two neighbouring properties, the home is just as small inside as it looks on the out. The width is about an arm’s length span, with a little cozy kitchen right up front. Within the kitchen is a hatch that leads down to a small basement; and a window in the upper front does suggest that there may even be a small attic. Beside that is a living room built just for two and behind that, the single bedroom where Arthur and his wife slept. Of course, having furniture and a bed inside that room isn’t a possibility, so it also comes with its own Murphy bed.

The home really has become a bit of a celebrity within the city, especially after it appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show in January 2008. Since the Wheeler’s died, the home has passed through the hands of many owners. It was last on the market in 2010, when the then-owners asked $180,000 for it – that’s $1968 per square metre. Still well below the city’s average that’s well above $500,000.

Should this home ever be on the market again, would you consider purchasing it? And perhaps even more importantly, do you think you’d be able to live in such cramped quarters?