Although Scarborough may be just as large, if not larger, than North York, you
won’t find the hustle and bustle here that you will in Northern Toronto. That being
said, Scarborough is still one of the most vital economic hubs of the entire city.
While it may not contain Bank Street or the financial district, it’s in Scarborough
that most of the city’s manufacturing is done.

Scarborough is physically a huge sector of the city, and sprawls from North York
to the eastern limits of the city towards Ajax and Pickering. And while Scarborough
may be known for its main manufacturers such as Toyota Canada, Royal Doulton,
General Motors Canada, and Thomson Carswell to name just a few, it’s also a
wonderful place to live.

Scarborough’s two biggest residential areas are Scarborough Junction and
Scarborough Village. Both are very family-friendly and offer quiet peaceful places
to live. Scarborough Village can be a great place for families that are looking to
live on Lake Ontario, or want to live in one of the upscale homes surrounding the
Scarborough Golf and Country Club.

Scarborough Junction is just as family oriented as Scarborough Village, but a bit
more culturally diverse. This area has many great parks, Knob Hill and McCowan
Road being two of the largest, and it’s also a great place to find very affordably
priced housing in Toronto.

Whether you live in Scarborough Junction, Scarborough Village,o r another part of
this great city sector, Scarborough is a huge contributor to the city’s economics.
And those who live here are a contributing factor to what makes this city so great.

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