Aurora is a city located just 20 kilometres north of Toronto, and that close
proximity makes it the perfect place for commuters to reside! It is true that there
are many major highways and LRT lines that run from Aurora to any part of the
City of Toronto that you could need to get to. It’s these transportation systems that
are a very large selling point for Aurora, and it may be those high-paying city jobs
that allow this small city to take the title of the highest average household incomes
in the entire country.

All of the major trains, highways and buses have stops, service stations, and routes
that travel right through Aurora, and to many parts within it. This is what makes
it a great place suburb of Toronto to live in, as many of the 53,203 commute to
downtown Toronto or other parts of the GTA to work. As of 2011, that population
was largely made up of younger people, as young people started to flock to this
area that year to raise families and to try to find better employment opportunities
than where they were.

And if it’s employment opportunities you’re looking for, Aurora is the best place in
the country to do it. Whether working right inside the suburb, or traveling to other
parts of the GTA, the average household income in Aurora is $155,463, making this
– we’ll say it again – the most affluent neighbourhood in all of Canada.

It’s also the transportation infrastructure that allows residents of Aurora to easily
get around in their play time too, and take full advantage of all the culture the
surrounding areas has to offer. First though, new residents may want to check
out all the entertainment and leisure activities located right in Aurora. The vibrant
theatre scene and the many parks, recreation centres, and natural trails abundant
in the area are beautiful and fun to explore all year long.

It’s good that residents in Aurora see some of the highest incomes in the country,
because they also have some of the highest home prices in the country. As of early
2012 the average home price in Aurora sat at $515,000 according to the Toronto
Real Estate Board, which is very close to the average home prices seen in Toronto.
Rents on the other hand, are much lower than what’s seen in Toronto at $945 a
month, according to CMHC. Vacancy rates also sat at 1 per cent in 2011, which was
a drastic drop from the 2.1 per cent seen the previous year. This is good news for
those already with investments in Aurora, but may make it challenging for those
just trying to break into this market.

Anyplace you could choose to live in Aurora is clearly one of the best places in the
country to be. Want to know where the best areas are? Along Yonge Street in the
Wellington area, as well as anywhere that’s close to the train station!

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