East York

East York

East York is a section of Toronto defined by Danforth Avenue, Broadview Avenue,
O’Connor Drive, and Dowes Road. Located far enough away from downtown, but
still not far out of reach in the suburbs, East York has long since been known as the
neighbourhood of senior citizens in Toronto. That however, is quickly changing.

Young families looking to get away from the crowded streets of the inner-city are
continuously finding East York the perfect place to settle down. Here there are
beautiful natural landmarks, such as Dieppe Park and Stan Wadlow Park, as well as
many shopping centres – Olde East York Village and the Farmer’s Market that runs
during the spring and summer months are just two of the locals’ favourites.

There are many types of housing available in East York, which also makes it an
attractive area for seniors, and families. Located farther away from the higher-end
Beach and Danforth Village areas, housing here is much more affordable; and home
prices have risen as quickly or as high as they have in other parts of the city. Easy
access to Toronto’s downtown core is also available via the Don Valley Parkway or
Broadview Avenue, giving residents the best of both worlds. A home where one can
get away from it all, and a transit system that makes it easy to get right back into

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