King City

King City

King City is a small village in King Township, just north of Vaughan and with
Toronto even further south. While King City is a very small community, it’s the
largest community within the township and has a population of 4,902. King City is
characterized by natural beauty of every kind at each turn, the amount of stables
and farmland available, and its affordable mansions.

Rolling hills, forests, the Great Lakes, and numerous ponds, creeks and streams
dotting the countryside are all images that are conjured up when one thinks of King
City. However, the Big Pipe controversy that arose in the early 2000s is now what
many think of. This plan is an alternative to the dangerous and unsanitary septic
systems that once ran through the town.

Now that the Big Pipe has been installed, homeowners and business owners
have had to ensure that their property is connected to the Big Pipe, and they are
responsible for the costs totalling over $12,000 per household. While there are
repayment plans in place that allow home and business owners to stretch this
payment out over time, interest is then applied which inevitably ends up costing
even more.

While this would typically be a turnoff for anyone considering any neighbourhood
to call their new home, the Big Pipe now makes it much safer, healthier, and more
pleasant to live in King City. In addition, the gorgeous sprawling four, five, and six-
bedroom homes you’ll find here more than make up for it. They are in fact, the
biggest draw to the area for anyone who moves here. And that is anyone – King
City attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Another large draw to King City is that while the homes may be just as big and
beautiful as you’ll find in Woodbridge, another suburb just north of Toronto, King
City homes are also more affordable. While you can still find luxury million dollar
homes in King City if you’re looking for them, you can also find beautiful homes for
just half that.

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