The arts! That’s what Kleinburg is all about! This small village is located just north
of the city of Vaughan and while the forests and natural scenery may be part of
what draws the tourists here year after year, there’s more to it than that. There’s
not only a great deal of culture, there’s a hint of celebrity here.

It was in the 1950s that housing developments and properties started to really
become very populous in Kleinberg; and by the 1980s it was already known as
one of the most affluent villages in the area. Private elementary and secondary
schools were constructed, some with religious backgrounds, and it quickly became
a favourite place for families. Today it’s still that, and it’s in Kleinburg that you can
find some of the most beautiful luxury homes in all of the GTA. They can be found
in the price range of anywhere from $479,900 to $1,400,000 and more.

In the 1960s it was the television show The Forest Rangers that first helped put
Kleinburg on the map as a place for Hollywood in Canada. That series ran for two
years from 1963 – 1965. Soon after the Binder Twine, an annual festival that draws
over 25,000 people every year, started up in Kleinburg. More recently, in 2006 the
huge Hollywood box office hit, The Sentinel was also filmed here at the McMichael
Art Gallery.

Canadian author Pierre Berton lived in Kleinburg for 50 years, and former Prime
Minister Lester B. Pearson also called Kleinburg home for several years. This touch
of local and global celebrity is part of what draws tourists to Kleinburg each year,
and is what helps add to its affluence.

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