Midtown Toronto

Midtown Toronto

Midtown Toronto is mainly comprised of Yonge and Eglinton, although it’s actual
boundaries can be defined as Bloor Street, Lawrence Avenue, Bayview Avenue and
Bathhurst/Dufferin Street. Midtown is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods
in the entire city, and families who live here can find just about everything from
historic landmarks to commercial centres.

Rosedale, Forest Hill, Deer Park and Summerhill are just a few of the
neighbourhoods that can be found in Midtown; and they hold some of the most
luxurious homes in all of Toronto. Within Deer Park lies all the bustling shops and
boutiques within this section of Toronto, and it’s easily accessible by all Midtown

The large sprawling lots hold the most modern and updated homes, and many find
it incredible that so much space could be located right within the heart of the city.
This is what makes this the perfect place to raise families, and for young couples or
singles that are already established professionally. It is also in Midtown where you’ll
find the most expensive properties in all of Toronto, even second to the upscale
Beaches area.

In Midtown Toronto the average selling price for one of these city mansions is about
$2,200,000. In exchange for that, you’ll get the very best kind of living – in the
heart of the very best city.

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