There are many areas within the GTA that you just never need to worry about,
and Mississauga is one of them. Over the last couple of decades, Mississauga has
transformed from a small township within the city of Toronto, to a full municipality
all its own. Mississauga is one of the Toronto suburbs that is closest to the Pearson
International Airport. This makes it attractive not only to homebuyers, but to
investors both domestic and foreign.

Mississauga is a large city with a population of 713,443, half of which have
immigrated to Mississauga from elsewhere. The population is also highly educated
with the majority holding post-secondary degrees. It’s this characteristic that
many foreign companies are continuously being attracted to, and why they’re
moving to businesses to Mississauga. And while this growth has been very positive
for the city’s employment (now employing 25,000 people in their life science
industry alone) it’s also a positive sign for those that are looking to buy and live in

While many parts of the GTA have seen some cooling in the recent downturn,
Mississauga continues to outperform and shows a 2.4 per cent increase in sales.
And this at a time when many other GTA areas are seeing dips in the number of
their sales. Average home prices in Mississauga are $410,000, which is higher than
the nation’s average, but also lower than the average Toronto home price.

Investors are always flocking to Mississauga because while land may not be in large
supply, the number of properties always is. And those who buy for themselves in
Mississauga often purchase multi-family units such as duplexes so that they can get
a return while making their own home more affordable. And that it will! Mississauga
is currently showing rental yields of 3 per cent, and vacancy rates of 1.3 per cent.

Also like many other areas of the GTA, Mississauga is divided into many different
neighbourhoods and communities, and all are good choices for living. The
best however are Churchill Meadows, which is a fairly new subdivision with a
variety of duplexes, triplexes, single detached homes, apartment buildings, and
condominiums. Although new, this area is already extremely popular with families
and first-time buyers.

Meadowvale on the other, while still a desirable neighbourhood, mostly consists of
older homes that don’t usually see a very high turnover rate. Heartland is also a
very popular community, known for is walkability factor and its many churches.

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