North York

North York

North York, with its own skyline of skyscrapers and population of 635,370 could be
a city all unto its own. And in fact, it used to be. Today it lies in the northern part
of the city and includes over 20 neighbourhoods including Don Mills, Willowdale,
Bayview Village, York Mills, and Downsview. It was just after World War II that
North York saw a boom in real estate, and it’s still continuing today.

The aera along Yonge Street has seen much of this development, with everything
from high-rise office buildings to stores and condominiums going up in just the past
few decades. Many families and working singles and couples choose to live in this
area of North York because some of Canada’s biggest employers including Equifax,
Xerox, McDonald’s of Canada, and Nestle and Proctor & Gamble can be found here.

In addition to working professionals, North York is also a great home to students
due to the number of schools in this area. Seneca College, York University, Tyndale
University College and Seminary, and Osgood Hall Law School are all located here.
Because the students come from varied backgrounds, and are all at different stages
in their life, the housing opportunities in the school centers are abundant in both
rental properties, and homes for sale.

North York is also peppered with elementary and secondary schools of all types and
backgrounds, and they extend to all four corners of this city sector. These make
North York another very attractive Toronto living option for families, especially
those who want to avoid the overcrowding and traffic congestion that is seen as you
make your way closer to the city centre.

To accommodate the many households and lifestyles that are seen throughout
North York, this area of Toronto has many types of housing available. Condos
are very popular, although they run a bit higher here than Toronto’s average, at
$584,999. Single-family homes as well as duplexes and townhomes can range from
$333,383 to $1,453,935, depending on the number of bedrooms, as well as the
type of home you’re looking for.