Toronto East End

Toronto’s East End

Mansions. Beaches. Luxury at every turn. These are all the things you get when you
choose to make Toronto’s East End your home.

Toronto’s East End consists of high-end neighbourhoods such as Riverdale,
Danforth Village, Leslieville, and The Beach. If you’re looking for the biggest, the
grandest and the best in Toronto, you’ll find it in the East End; and you can get
luxury on nearly any scale you’re looking for. While you’ll find the most luxurious
mansion-like homes in The Beach area for a million dollars or more, you can also
find homes for half that price in Danforth Village. Danforth is just a short walk from
the boardwalk and shows how each neighbourhood in the East End has something
fantastic to offer.

This section of the city is also known as one of the best places to raise a family in
the city. Unlike the congested streets of the downtown core, the East End offers
spacious lots and schools of many kinds, whether you’re looking for a private
facility, a public school, or religious education. There are also many great shops and
boutiques, especially as you get closer to East York, so residents here never feel as
though they’re in the middle of nowhere. It is after all, still Toronto, and one of the
best places to live within it!

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