Toronto’s West End

Toronto’s West End

Toronto’s West End is a highly populous area that consists of several large
neighbourhoods including Bloor West Village, Swansea, High Park, West Toronto
Junction, Carleton Village, Davenport, Junction Triangle, Brockton Village,
Roncesvalles Village, and Parkdale.

All of these neighbourhoods are widely known for their diversity in culture due to
the fact that many here have been Torontonians their entire life, while many have
come here after immigrating from China, India, the Caribbean, and other areas of
the world. These diverse cultures coming together is what makes Toronto’s West
End one of the most unique and exciting areas in all of Toronto to live.

High Park is one of the communities with Toronto’s West End that has a diverse
mixture of families, due to the large amount of single-family homes available here.
Due to space becoming short in the city, these homes sit higher than Toronto’s
average home price, sitting at anywhere from $750,000 – $1,049,375.

West Toronto Junction, just north of High Park, is also well-suited for families with
many schools, parks, and libraries, as well as the old world charm it carries that
makes it feel like a small town right within the city. A bit out of the way, West
Toronto Junction has affordable housing, and is worth the detour!

On the other side of the tracks (literally) from High Park is Junction Triangle. This
area was once mainly industrial, with little residential opportunity at all. However,
in more recent years this concrete community has undergone a huge revitalization,
and is now one of the most affordable areas in all of Toronto’s West End; and one
of the prettiest, too. Average price of a home here is about $308,703.

Parkdale, also in Toronto’s West End, used to be one of the most affluent areas
of the city, rivaling wealthy neighbourhoods such as even Rosedale for most
prosperous. In the 1950s though, this community was hit by a hard downturn,
and a quick turnaround. Recently this area has seen some redevelopment too; and
while it may no longer other high-end areas of Toronto such as Midtown or The
Beach, it’s definitely on a comeback. Prices range from $299,000 to $799,000.

These are just a few of the individual and unique neighbourhoods that are tucked
away within Toronto’s West End. From just a brief look however, you can see that
this particular area of Toronto is vast. And that from housing to culture, the West
End truly has something to offer everyone.

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