Uptown Toronto

Uptown Toronto

Uptown Toronto is the northern part of downtown Toronto, and it’s undergone
quite a few changes in the last several years. Originally this area was known to be
centred around Bloor Street, the Uptown Theatre, and the University of Toronto.
Going back even further in time, this actually once outlined the northernmost part
of the city.

Today it’s actually the areas north of Bloor that are known as Uptown Toronto.
Those areas include the old city of Toronto that stretches from St. Clair Avenue
to Lawrence Avenue. It’s this location, along with the numerous types of homes
including bungalows, condos, apartment buildings, and single detached homes that
make this area so attractive to families, couples, and young singles.

Real estate in uptown Toronto is also some of the most affordable in the downtown
region. With the average price of a home sitting at $364,000, this area is a bit
more affordable than the downtown core; and definitely much more affordable than
pricey Midtown.

Uptown is a great option for homebuyers that are looking for something that’s in
the middle of it all, but that also includes beautiful affordable housing in one of the
best neighbourhoods in all of Toronto.

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