Until quite recently (1998 in fact) York was a city unto itself; and so it’s no wonder
that it’s one of most bustling parts of the City of Toronto today.

York has a population of 143,255 and that group is an extremely diverse group of
people that come from different backgrounds, and bring unique cultures with them.
This ‘melting pot’ feature of York gives it its own unique culture and feel all its own.

The neighbourhoods that make up York are Weston, Mount Dennis, Syme,
Harwood, Runnymede, Lambton, Baby Point, Old Mill, Silverthorn, Fairbank,
Cedarvale, and Humewood.

Traditionally York has been one of the most affordable areas in the city to live,
however in recent years the average price of a York home has crept up to be about
on par with Toronto’s average. It is worthwhile noting however, that York makes
up a large part of Toronto’s housing market. Approximately 19 per cent of all GTA
sales and new listings come from York; and in the beginning of 2012 there were a
total of 2,000 homes sold in just one month.

While the softening housing market that’s bound to hit Toronto within the next
year, and perhaps into 2014, will most likely also touch York, the fact that this
particular sector of the city will be able to handle any downturn with ease. York was
after all, a city that ran itself several years ago; and the bustling environment and
vibrant people will continue to support the region, as they always have.

York also sees many people relocating to this area of Toronto as the housing is still
very affordable when compared with other areas of the city, and every community
is family-friendly.

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