Why work with CRI

Whether you’re looking for your next big Toronto investment property, are looking to trade up into a bigger or nicer home, or need any other kind of help looking for Toronto real estate, there often seems to be more Realtors on the market than there are properties for sale. So how do you choose the right one? By working with the team that can do it all for you – from your first showing, to closing the mortgage on your new property!

At CRI, that’s what we do. Our fully qualified team of Realtors can bring you only the best properties that you’d be interested in, and they’ll always scour the market to find that one that fits best with you. Walking you through the process, our Realtors are always available, always helpful, and have a serious commitment to finding the best for their buyers. This is truly a Realtor experience like you’ve never had before. But after you’ve found the property you’re after, we go even farther.

At CRI we can help you with all your financing needs too – and this is really the key to securing any kind of property in today’s challenging market. Financing has become extremely difficult for everyone from the first-time homebuyer, luxury home buyers, and investors. With a full division of mortgage brokers located right in-house, we can take you right from the looking stage to the buying stage, smoothly and seamlessly.

And once in the mortgage process you’ll also be working with professionals that have been in the industry for a long time, and that can get you the best deal. We have extensive experience in income analysis and ROI, so that for investors we can also contribute our negotiation skills, as well as provide analysis, advice, and real estate experience on everything from ownership to lending to financing to real estate trading.

Building new or just have some renovation plans for your new property or piece of land? At CRI our mortgage brokers can also help with financing construction and renovation projects, and bring actual dollar value amounts and analysis on these projects that other Realtors just can’t compete with.

And we also have services for traditional buyers and those looking to trade down in their current real estate. These services include everything from the consultation stage to home staging – each part of the process extremely important to the selling of any property, and components that each member of CRI is extremely familiar with.

So what do you get when you use CRI? In short, a one-stop shop for all of your Realtor and mortgage needs. Whether you’re an investor, a homeowner looking to trade up or down, or a traditional buyer, we can help you. With anything you need. And that’s the difference you get when you work with us.